GEA – FTTC (FTTC Ethernet)

GEA – FTTC (Generic Ethernet Access – Fibre to the Cabinet), or FTTC Ethernet, is available in an ever-increasing number of locations throughout the UK as Openreach enable cabinets in more exchange areas.

Normal FTTC fibre broadband services are contended on the BT wholesale network and share bandwidth with residential FTTC and ADSL users which can lead to contention and slow-downs. FTTC Ethernet, however, provides the same business service level guarantees as EFM, but with a lower set-up cost, and in addition none of your bandwidth is shared with other users.

FTTC allows for speeds of up to 80Mb/s downstream and 20Mb/s upstream, and therefore up to a 20Mb/s symmetrical service can be supplied over a single FTTC Ethernet circuit. This is possible due to the closer proximity of the FTTC-Ethernet enabled cabinet to the served premises than the telephone exchange, resulting in a shorter copper line length and faster achievable speeds.

TNP offer a business-grade, wholly FTTC Ethernet service which is uncapped, unlimited and uncontended, as are all of our connectivity services. FTTC Ethernet can be used to provide an Internet connection, or as an inter-site circuit.

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