Microwave Radio

Microwave radio connectivity can provide a high bandwidth symmetrical link in areas where fibre would be too cost-prohibitive or where the copper line length is too great for EFM.

The staff at TNP specialise in microwave radio connectivity in both the licensed and unlicensed spectrums. Speeds typically range from 10Mb/s to over 1Gb/s symmetrical depending on the equipment and frequencies used. We have highly advanced site-survey software which allows us to perform a desktop survey before surveying on site. This can be invaluable in saving time and money by determining whether a radio link is feasible before even visiting a site.

Field engineers at TNP are working at height trained and accredited to climb radio structures which allows us to perform installation and troubleshooting of microwave radio faults directly without using third party contractors, thus saving time where it’s needed most.

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