Coronavirus – Impact Statement17/03/2020

The TNP board continues to evaluate the impact and ongoing risks associated with Coronavirus and is able to confirm the following:

Staff and Workforce Availability / Loss of Key Staff
The TNP business continuity policy and procedure deals directly with a major event such as the Coronavirus. In the event of a seriously infectious illness or pandemic which is likely to spread, tele/mobile working will be invoked with a well-defined procedure in order to limit the spread of infection plus ensure continuity of operations. Relevant operational data required to facilitate the administration of TNP customer services is either located in offsite data centres with remote access or can be replicated from these locations to a remote business continuity facility/tele working location.

In light of Government advice TNP has implemented a policy of home working for staff that are able to do so. Where that is not possible staff will be working from the office with appropriate measures in place to restrict personal contact and reduce the possibility of infection.

Supply Chain Disruption
TNP has a relatively simple supply chain using UK distributors, however the hardware is predominantly manufactured outside of the UK, with much of it originating from countries closely associated with the initial outbreak or having components supplied from those countries. In each of these instances TNP has contacted key suppliers for information regarding the Coronavirus and its impact on the supply chain and individual customer equipment orders. Information will be given to any customers affected as soon as it is available and the impact known.

Customer Maintenance Support
TNP provide support contracts for a variety of services and recognise that many of them are mission critical for our customers. Many of the spares for our support contracts are held directly at our HQ in Lancaster and, assuming no disruption to the wider transport infrastructure, TNP should have no issues maintaining the necessary level of support for these contracts. We do recognise that due to travel restrictions, or due to customers wishing to restrict access to their premises, there may be times when support is disrupted, TNP will address these situations on a case by case basis and where possible discuss with our customers if there are alternative ways of assisting them.

TNP have well defined procedures in place to mitigate the effects of Coronavirus and ensure continuity of service to customers. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, following Government advice, and ensure that we continue to operate as close to normal as possible.

Chris Wade
Commercial Director

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