TNP Awarded Place on GCloud1013/09/2018

Head for the Cloud but stay grounded TNP tells public sector organisations

TNP in Lancaster is warning local authorities and health trusts to keep their feet firmly on the ground in terms of cost as they aspire to deliver Cloud-services for staff and public users.

TNP is a specialist supplier of cloud services to the public sector on the new G-Cloud 10 framework. It is the latest version of the Digital Marketplace procurement framework designed by the Crown Commercial Service to help local authorities, health trusts and other public sector organisations to use the cloud more effectively.

TNP (The Networking People (Northwest) Ltd) offers professional consultancy including advising local authorities, health trusts on moving to Cloud services and assessing the Cloud-ready status of their networks.

Ian Anderson, Solutions Architect with TNP explains: “Many local authorities and health trusts want to head for the Cloud but they need to stay grounded in terms of cost and ensuring their service is fit for purpose. Existing network configurations often don’t provide the flexible and resilient infrastructure required to deliver Cloud access across a broad spectrum of users.

TNP brings the benefit of huge experience within the public sector to assess systems and advise on making networks more Cloud-friendly. Our specialist knowledge helps local authorities and health trusts to set up and maintain their Cloud software or hosting to provide more efficient, more cost effective and safer services.

The G-Cloud 10 upgrade which went live in July adds a GDPR clause and now enables suppliers to sell cyber security services including those assured under the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) schemes: Cyber Security Consultancy, Penetration Testing (CHECK), and Cyber Incident Response (CIR)

Launched in March 2012, the G-Cloud framework operates through the Digital Marketplace and aims to allow organisations to purchase services from a wider pool of suppliers – particularly small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). So far, nearly £3 billion has been spent through the G-Cloud framework.

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