TNP offers Jisc approved public WiFi solutions for universities and colleges10/12/2018

TNP (The Networking People) has been selected as one of only five companies in the UK to supply public wi-fi services to education and research institutions at the launch of the Jisc Public WiFi dynamic purchasing system.

The new Jisc service is designed to meet the needs of colleges, universities and research establishments that want to offer internet access to the general public in areas such as cafes, or at business-critical occasions including open days and outreach events.

The dynamic purchasing system avoids the hassle of running a local procurement by identifying pre-qualified vendors experienced in the education and research sector with a proven ability to address concerns about GDPR compliance.

Public sector network specialist TNP brings many years’ experience within the education sector and is the first-ranked supplier on the Jisc Telecommunications framework, providing many circuits to the Janet network. In delivering public WiFi it utilises the private Janet Network for backhaul, which avoids the cost of provisioning a separate broadband circuit.

As a wireless provider qualified to use the Janet Network, TNP must encrypt end user data which means public data and research/education traffic stay separate, ensuring compliance with the Janet/Jisc usage policy.

TNP Commercial Director Chris Wade explains: “Over recent years the network landscape has changed for education and research institutions. The dramatic increase in cybercrime means they must ensure absolute protection for sensitive data while at the same time the use of cloud services has increased alongside the need for high quality wi-fi in public areas.“

Our experience of the Jisc Janet network and the CloudConnect technology ensures that we are ideally equipped to handle the public wi-fi needs of further education and research institutions

Serving over 18 million users, the Janet Network created by Jisc provides UK research and education with a highly reliable and secure world-class network, enabling national and international communication and collaboration.

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