TNP work with NHS Shetland under Scottish Enablement Framework09/01/2015

TNP has secured its first piece of consultancy under the Scottish Governments Network Enablement Framework.

 The collaborative framework is expected to create potential savings across all Scottish public sector organisations through provision of a wide range of services, including network audit and analysis; support in specification of network services, network upgrades; implementation and project management

The independent review project for NHS Shetland will analyse the existing network, comment on its suitability to fulfill future requirements and then make recommendations for any changes that would improve its performance. TNP will look at:

  • Network core routing components
  • Aggregation/edge components
  • Physical topology & resilience
  • Logical topology & resilience
  • Link utilisation and QoS
  • Network Monitoring

The project will also assist in the preparation of a broad template from which any future requirements can be specified.

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