For many years, TNP has operated in some of the harshest and remote areas of the UK, which has led us to develop a range of bespoke engineering techniques that can be used to assist in complex network deployments.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best-fit technology to meet the technical and budgetary requirements of a project. In many cases no single technology meets all of these requirements and the solution is often made up of a hybrid of technologies.

In addition, TNP prides itself on its ability to innovate and design bespoke solutions to overcome all obstacles. Our wealth of experience enables us to foresee most risks and obstacles at the design stage; however, if the unexpected does happen, we are able to react quickly and appropriately.

Some examples of our innovative engineering solutions include:-

  • Roadside network cabinets / Points of Presence
  • Microwave relay stations
  • Radio rigging services
  • Temporary/emergency solutions
  • 48VDC battery and generator backup
  • Dark fibre ducting and installation