Communications are a vital tool for any organisation. Until recently, developments in this area have focused on PABX replacement; however, newer technologies can allow organisations to benefit from Unified Communications, delivering more benefit than just the installation of a newer-looking telephone handset.

Either as part of a wider consultancy engagement, or working with our networking industry partners, TNP can design, specify, procure, install and support some or all of the following:

Telephone systems

Many suppliers are declaring their traditional Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) PABXs end-of-life. In addition an older system may not be able to support your organisation as it grows. TNP can review your existing telephony provision and assist you in specifying either expansion or replacement. Newer systems may be able to run as virtual machines on your existing server infrastructure where suitable and so may also save energy and space compared to your existing provision.

Flexible & mobile working

Pressure on expensive office space and the demand for a more flexible workforce and working environment may be stretching the capabilities of your current telephony provision. TNP can assist by enabling telephony users for more mobile working, allowing them to have access to their office telephone wherever they have an internet connection.

Presence & Instant Messaging

A bulging inbox and a voicemail light that’s constantly blinking can be mitigated by the addition of presence and instant messaging functionality. TNP can help your organisation channel-shift quick queries to instant message, allowing both parties to set and check their availability, and thus reducing unnecessary distractions.

Conferencing & collaboration

Whether adding video to your voice communications or allowing remote presentation capabilities, faster internet connectivity is allowing richer forms of communication. TNP can provide web conferencing software either hosted at your site or in the cloud, allowing you to truly collaborate both internally within your organisation and externally with customers, partners and suppliers.

SIP Trunks

Offering more flexibility and possible cost savings over traditional ISDN circuits, TNP can review, advise and implement SIP trunks into your telephone system.