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TNP | Blackpool Council LFFN Infrastructure 2
Blackpool Council LFFN Infrastructure 2
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Key Benefits

How the LFFN Project has transformed digital connectivity in Blackpool

Blackpool Council’s long-standing partnership with digital networks specialist TNP enabled the authority to lead the UK rollout of LFFN (Local Full Fibre Network) programmes designed to transform the UK’s digital infrastructure.

The partnership enabled the Council to procure the LFFN infrastructure quickly, efficiently and cost effectively using transparent ‘open book’ contracts agreed with TNP that guaranteed best value at every stage of the network procurement, implementation and support lifecycle.

The open access infrastructure designed and built by TNP for the Council facilitates easy use of the digital hybrid network by other ISPs and telco companies which are members of the ‘Cooperative Network’, chosen by the Council to develop and share the network. Co-operative members market and enable use of the services, to bridge the ‘last 100 metre’ connections to the digital network.

Installation stats

20km of

new ducting

21km of upgrade

to existing ducting

55km of new

fibre installed

1,457 properties

passed within 50


15,900 properties

passed within

200 metres

110 Meet-me/points

of presence (PoPs)

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