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Building on our range of services and solutions to the public sector, TNP can offer a range of services to the health sector.

The following are a sample of services that TNP can deliver for the health sector:-

  • WAN and LAN consultancy
  • Network health checks
  • VOIP solutions
  • Inter-site connections
  • Secure WIFI and BYOD solutions
  • Guest WIFI solutions
  • Consultancy on procurement of services and hardware
  • Security compliance consultancy

The TNP difference

TNP’s unique, honest and unbiased offering means that we attract and retain public sector clients by delivering bespoke solutions based on the specific needs of the customer. This approach ensures that our local authority customers ultimately get what they need rather than being railroaded by other providers into solutions which aren’t right for their requirements or which aren’t a good match for existing processes and staff.


TNP is one of the leading suppliers of networks and network consultancy to the public sector in the UK, demonstrated by our placement on a number of key frameworks through which our services and products can be purchased.