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Schools and Colleges

We feel that we have a unique understanding of the needs of schools and colleges.

With our roots in the provision of education and local government services across Lancashire and Cumbria, we can offer a variety of services to the education sector.

A connection that fits around you

If you are looking for Internet connectivity for your school, then look no further. At TNP we have many years of experience of working with schools and local authorities to provide high-speed, bespoke and reliable Internet access to educational establishments. Our school connections come with a managed router that allows us to customise the way in which the connection is delivered to you. We provide you with a connection that is as secure or as open as you require. Here are some of the ways in which we currently configure school connectivity:

  • Open: TNP provide completely unfiltered global IP addresses enabling the school to deploy and manage their own filtering and security.
  • NAT: global IP addresses sit on the TNP managed router and we handle firewalling and security on behalf of the school by opening up specific applications on the school’s request.
  • Filtered: TNP provide a managed router and filtering solution which integrates with the school AD to provide the school with a secure, safe Internet environment.

Different schools often have different connectivity requirements and want to handle varying degrees of Internet management themselves. At TNP we aim to be as flexible as possible by fitting our connectivity solutions to the needs of the school rather than railroading the school into a prescribed package. For more information, please visit our Connectivity pages.

Next-generation security & web filtering

TNP can provide a variety of filtering, security and firewalling solutions to suit your needs. We understand how important it is that Internet content available in school can be controlled without impeding lessons. Our next generation firewalling and web filtering solutions integrate with your school domain and allow for differing levels of filtering depending on the user, time of day or even the room from which the user is accessing the Internet. As well as web filtering, TNP can also provide in-line firewall filtering for spam, viruses and security threats to your school network.

Bridging the gap

In our experience, schools, colleges and universities are often spread across several sites. At TNP we can bridge these sites with a reliable fibre or radio connection to bring what were once remote sites onto your LAN, allowing you to manage remote locations as if they were local. Creating a single management domain in this way allows central services such as VoIP (voice/phone) and file-stores to be accessible to users across all locations and avoids costly duplication of services at each site.

A helping hand

TNP can work with you to reconfigure or refresh existing network hardware. If you are experiencing bottlenecks, slow login times or frequent network loops, engineers from TNP can visit your site and help to diagnose and reach the root cause of the problem. We can then help to mitigate future occurrences by configuring your hardware to automatically overcome future issues. If your inter-building fibres are congested, TNP can help you to mitigate this by bonding multiple fibres together, thus sharing the load. The wealth of networking knowledge available from TNP is indispensable in helping you resolve issues fast and avoid any further problems in the future. For further information, please visit our Consultancy pages.