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TNP gains supplier status on new CCS Network Services 3 framework

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Public sector networking specialist TNP has been named as a supplier on the new Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 3 framework.

TNP (The Networking People) is active in the new framework’s Lot 1a – WAN – Data Access Services, and Lot 2a – LAN – Local Connectivity Services, providing strategic and operational support to local authorities, health trusts and further and higher education institutions across the UK.

The Network Services 3 (NS3) framework is designed to enable UK public sector organisations to access network solutions, communication services, connectivity to cloud-based data and applications, audio and video conferencing, radio and satellite networking, and emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities.

TNP was one of the original companies accepted onto Network Services 1 in 2015. As an SME, TNP welcomes the more open access offered by the framework to independent specialist businesses that can stand alongside the giant multinationals by being pre-qualified to supply into the public sector.

TNP Commercial Manager Chris Berry explains:

“Independent companies are essential to the public sector, providing local authorities and other organisations with the flexibility they need to implement their digital strategies. TNP is one such company, and its recent award of a place on the Network Services 3 framework is a testament to its commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality network services to the public sector.

As a strategic partner or service provider, TNP can help organisations get value for money and work alongside other commercial suppliers to deliver the services that the public sector needs. TNP has good relationships with a wide range of public sector organisations, and its inclusion on the NS3 framework will simplify the procurement process for everyone involved.

This is exciting news for the public sector, as it means that they will have access to a wider range of innovative and high-quality network services from a trusted provider. TNP's inclusion on the NS3 framework will also help to promote competition and drive down costs

The new framework includes 145 suppliers. Of those suppliers which have been awarded a place on Network Services 3, 48% are SMEs. The framework will run for 2 years with the possibility of extending by up to 2 years

Philip Orumwense, Commercial Director and Chief Technology Procurement Officer at CCS said: “This new framework will support the public sector to access ‘user-based’ communication solutions, such as integrated voice, data and video. Our aim is to contribute to an improved customer journey and better value for money, whilst supporting the promotion of “cloud-first” future networks for Government initiatives.

It is yet another example of how CCS is helping the public sector to adapt and make the best use of technology and innovative solutions within the modern hybrid workspace”

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.