Connect with us

TNP has a network that is able to provide robust and reliable business-class symmetrical broadband and wide area network services throughout the UK. With its multi-skilled network design and engineering teams TNP can provide connectivity over a variety of media from dedicated high-speed fibre optic links to wireless microwave radio solutions and symmetrical EFM connectivity over bonded copper circuits where fibre is too cost-prohibitive. As well as offering a primary circuit, we can also offer a backup circuit which will provide automatic resilience in the case of any service disruption. For more information, please visit our Internet Connectivity page.

Bringing it all together

As well as providing Internet connectivity, we can provide multi-location businesses with a means to interconnect a group of business locations together via a ‘Business VPN Cloud’. This allows different business locations to share services such as filestores and phone systems as if they were in the same building, saving costs on duplication.

Flexible assistance

If your business’s LAN is due a refresh, some added resilience, or is not performing optimally, we can visit your site to help you provision new hardware or reconfigure your existing equipment. We can also help you to develop monitoring which will allow you to analyse traffic flow and diagnose potential bottlenecks. For more information on our consultancy services, please visit our Consultancy page.

The TNP difference

Using TNP for your business Internet and WAN service means you’re not working with a reseller, but directly with experienced network engineers who are used to dealing with the demands of business connectivity and its requirements. We can provide you with a router or secure edge device, global IP addresses for your services, and we can advise you and help you to configure your network to interface with ours in the most optimal way. Our understanding of networking is the glue that holds our services together and allows us to fully meet your expectations.