Key Benefits

TNP is one of the UK’s leading companies in the field of microwave telecommunications.

Our staff have over 40 years’ experience in building and supporting some of the largest private networks across the country, from large multisite national networks to single corporate urban links. These have included:

  • Network access systems
  • Network infrastructure solutions
  • IP delivery networks
  • Turnkey projects
  • Support and maintenance

The company’s business philosophy is to offer innovative, technologically advanced solutions, coupled with excellent levels of support and customer service.

Rigging services

Our radio engineers are trained and willing to tackle almost any task in the most challenging locations and weather conditions:

  • Arqiva-accredited structure climbing, rigging, rescue and Radio Frequency (RF) safety
  • International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) certified for use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs)
  • Full rigging and lifting equipment
  • Specialist 4×4 vehicles


There is much more to building robust, reliable and efficient networks than choosing the cheapest transport media. Our philosophy at TNP is to provide optimal solutions through using a complete product portfolio and providing excellence in customer services. This allows TNP to use the best solution to meet the customer’s needs, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or vendor.

As in our other areas, we are completely vendor agnostic and can take on support and/or expansion of any existing radio networks. We don’t simply look at replacing existing radio networks to fit in with our existing product portfolio; this is only considered where there is sound technical or financial reason to do so.

Emergency connections

When disaster strikes communication links are essential. After a disaster, restoration of traditional fixed line services can sometimes take weeks.

TNP have successfully deployed temporary emergency connections for customers.

Previous emergency connections have been deployed in response to major flooding events, building damage due to fire and failures of existing telecoms suppliers.

Using a range of technologies and the many skills at our disposal we can restore connectivity quickly.

Temporary event connections

Internet connectivity and communications are now ubiquitous. TNP has extensive experience of deploying temporary internet connections and internal communications links at events and concerts.

Such examples include:-

  • Providing temporary internet, structured cabling and wiring for the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing
  • Providing a wired and wireless network for the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On, enabling the floor managers and the stars themselves to access the Internet and communicate with each other
  • Providing a full back-office solution for annual business conferences

Key Benefits